Bill Davidson

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photo by Marc Howard, Santa Catalina

I recently began my fifteenth year working in education.  I have taught at two title I schools in Philadelphia, one in Los Angeles, a secondary school for refugees in Southern Sudan, and a private school in Monterey, California. Since 2006, I have specialized in Singapore Math® programs.  My teaching and program development has been featured on the front pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Monterey Herald.

In 2009, I was one of two Pennsylvania charter school teachers chosen for the ACE (Appreciating Charter Educators) award, which recognizes teachers who improve student achievement, use innovative and creative instructional strategies, and make a difference in the lives of students.  In 2010, I taught a continuing education course for teachers at Neumann College in Aston, Pennsylvania – Mathematics and Visualization Across the Disciplines:  Applying the Singapore Method.  Over the past five years, I have worked on Singapore Math® implementation with over 30 schools.  To see a list of the schools, click here.

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, I will regularly work with schools in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Los Angeles

For the past eight years, I’ve been fortunate to learn under the tutelage of several brilliant educators.  During the summer of 2006, Dr. Yoram Sagher, professor of Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University, trained me in elementary Math teaching methods.  He has been the most influential mentor in my teaching career.  Madge Goldman, the president of the Gabriella and Paul Rosenbaum Foundation, introduced me to Dr. Sagher and also Robin Ramos, the founder of The Ramos Group.  Robin is a wonderful mentor and has been instrumental in expanding my understanding of elementary mathematics.  She also introduced me to Louisiana State University Mathematics professor, Scott Baldridge, who has mentored me in his A Story of Units project.